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Correcting Macular Degeneration with Contact Lenses

mosgoogle left} Macular degeneration is an age-related loss of vision experienced by most Americans above the age of 65. It sets in when macula located inside the retina starts to degenerate. With passage of time, macular disintegration picks up speed till it reaches a point where blindness sets in.

Macular degeneration is of two types- dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. Wet macular degeneration is a more advanced and more dangerous stage of macular degeneration whereas dry degeneration is the beginning stage of it. Of the two, it seems that only dry macular degeneration can be corrected with the help of contact lenses.

Correcting Macular Degeneration with Contact Lenses
As said previously, it appears that vision impairment resulting from only dry macular degeneration can be corrected with the help of contact lenses. In dry macular degeneration, loss of central vision takes place following the thinning out of vascular tissues inside the eye. It is followed by the build-up of a pigment at the periphery of the eye and a combined effect of the two is gradual loss of central vision.

Treating dry macular degeneration would involve one simple step- the use of vision correction contact lenses. However, you have to ensure that you use contact lenses only when your eyes are perfectly free of the yellow deposit (degenerated tissue) that gets accumulated inside your eye.

How Can I Order Contact Lenses For Dry Macular Degeneration?
You need to approach your eye doctor to get contact lenses to treat dry macular degeneration as these contact lenses are not available off-the-shelf. Since there is a lot of research and development required to make a perfectly fitting contact lens for this particular purpose, contact lens manufacturers initiate production only when an order is placed with them.

Since dry macular degeneration can sometimes show diverse symptoms, there can be some problem with determining what would be the perfect contact lens type for the eye. However, the best part is that this factor is taken into account at the time of product development. The eye doctor undertakes a full diagnosis of the dryness and macular degeneration in his/her patient's eye and then jots down a list of demand to be met by the contact lens manufacturer.

Some Examples of Contact Lenses for Dry Macular Degeneration
Since our eyes tend to dry out rather quickly in dry macular degeneration, it becomes important that contact lenses have a high percentage of water content. Examples of standard type of contact lenses with high water content that are readily available in the market include Extreme H2O and Proclear Compatibles. However, there are some brands of contact lenses which are made out of silicone hydrogel, which is an even better than high water content contact lenses.