Buying Contact Lens

1-Day Acuvue 30 Pack- A Review

Type of lens: Soft, daily disposable
Details about the package: 30 lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
Percentage of water content: 58%
Material used: 42% polymer (etafilcon A)
Manufactured by: Johnson and Johnson Products,Inc.

If you want healthy and easy to wear contacts for yourself then nothing could do it better for you than 1 Day-Acuvue 30 Pack. For those who want a quick pair of contacts sans all the maintenance, nothing could be better than this one from Acuvue. Just wear the lens for a single day and then throw it away. You don't need to repeat a particular pair of contacts.

Of all the advantages offered by 1-Day Acuvue 30 Pack, the following are worth a watch:

* Wearing these lenses is completely hassle-free.
* You don't need to carry any messy contact lens solution along with you to clean these particular lenses as they are one time wear.
* If you wear contacts occasionally then you could easily go for these lenses.

Acuvue is a product from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care which is a renowned name in the world of vision care. It offers most exceptional vision correction options. A lot many experts and eye care professionals have pooled in their expertise and knowledge to develop just the right lenses for you.

The brand is known to offer the highest quality of contact lenses and eye care solutions. Contact lenses have not only become a part of vision correction but they also reflect an active lifestyle. And, Acuvue helps you stay in sync with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

You could also get advice and guidance on various problems related to using contact lenses and general eye care with Acuvue.

Taking Care of your contact lenses
Contact lenses take care of your vision and your style. So you also have to in turn take care of them. So, here are a few tips on taking care of your contact lenses the right way!
* Keep your contact lenses in a case so that they stay safe and do not get misplaced.
* Make sure that your hands are clean and dry while you are handling contact lenses. Your hands must be clean so that you are able to avoid all the possible infections.
* Make sure that you insert your contacts in the right way. If the lens appears to be flat instead of being up like, understand that it is inside out.
* Use a contact lens solution as directed by your eye care professional. It would help you maintain a healthy relationship with your contact lenses.
With all these tips in place, rest assured that your 1-Day Acuvue is best equipped to help you look at things better!