Buying Contact Lens

Acuvue 2 Contact Lens

Type of lens: Soft, 1-2 week disposable
Details about the package: 6 visibly tinted UV locking lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
%age of water content: 58%
Material used: 42% polymer (etafilcon A)
Manufactured by: Johnson and Johnson Products, Inc.

What is natural is generally the best for you. And, when you are talking about your vision, Acuvue is one brand that surpasses all others. These lenses are to be worn only during the day, if you wish to wear them for two weeks. You’ll have to take them out at night. However, if you wish to ear them day in and day out then you can just wear them for a single week.

It has been proved that almost seventy percent of the people who wear Acuvue 2 have a better vision than 20/20. The new users find it extremely easy to insert and remove them. For those who have an active lifestyle, UV blocking acts as an added feature. And, what’s best about Acuvue 2 is that they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Some Interesting Facts

There are many people who are still reluctant to pick contact lenses as they are just not comfortable with idea of wearing something as close as to their eye lens. The modern day contact lenses are very safe to wear. The problems if any persist is due to ill wearing of the lens such as poor lens fit or poor lens care and dry eyes.

Contact lens v/s spectacles

* Modern day contact lenses are very easy to wear; so easy that sometimes you may not even realize that you are wearing them.
* Contacts have no frames like spectacles and so they do not offer a limited or barred vision.
* While spectacles could actually mar your beauty and appearance, contacts do not lead to any such problem. In fact, people may not even always realize that you are wearing contact lenses.
* Contacts are available in different colors and hence you could use them quite easily to even enhance your appearance.
* You could carry them quite easily as they have a small case which is easily portable.
* While glasses could actually lead to distraction and barred vision while one is playing, contacts have no such disadvantages.
* Like glasses, contacts cause no excessive weight on your nose.
* Glasses are an unnatural barrier as compared to contacts that are very much natural!

Taking a look at the above mentioned points makes it quite clear that contacts are way better than glasses in terms of usability and advantages.