Buying Contact Lens

Acuvue Bifocals Contact Lens

Type of lens: Soft, 1-2 week disposable
Details about the package: 6 visibility tinted UV blocking lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
%age of water content: 58%
Material used: 42% polymer (etafilcon A)
Manufactured by: Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc.

When it comes to talk about the brand of contact lenses that is most trusted by the doctors all over the world then Acuvue is a name that gets straight in your mind. Acuvue Bifocals in particular were a technological breakthrough. It is the only contact lens in the market that flaunts a pupil intelligent design.

Just put these lenses on and forget about them. They have five invisible, concentric zones that make you look at things clearly, at different distance ranges. You don’t have to go on changing your lenses to look at various things and you can go on using the same particular lens.

The other advantages on offer include:

* The edge design of these lenses offers exceptional comfort.
* They come along with a light tint so that they are easily visible in the case and on the finger tip.
* The UV blocking feature blocks almost 86% of UV-A rays and 98% of UV-B rays.
* The precise junctions present in the lenses are meant to reduce blurs and halos.

Bifocal glasses have long been used to treat the condition of presbyopia and now bifocal lenses are taking the place of these glasses. Let’s take a look detailed look at what bifocal lenses are and what all do they do to correct your vision.

What is a bifocal lens?
A bifocal lens is the one that provides correction for both, near and far vision. There are various types of bifocal lenses which may be made as per the requirement of a patient.

* Bifocal lenses with the reading prescription at the bottom and distance prescription all around it. These lenses are weighted at the bottom and therefore the reading prescription is at the bottom.
* Bifocal lenses with the distance prescription at the bottom and reading prescription all around. These lenses re not usual and may be made available on case to case basis.
* There are progressive lenses that have a magnifying power that becomes greater from the outside to the center of the lens.

What are bifocal contacts used for?
Bifocal contact lenses are used to treat the condition of presbyopia which is caused due to aging that generally leads to sight degradation. The eye muscles weaken gradually and as a result of it the person starts to experience unclear vision.