Buying Contact Lens

Air Optix Aqua Contact Lens

Type of lens: Monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lenses
Details about the package: 6 lenses in buffered saline solution
%age of water content: 33%
Material used: 67% lotrafilcon B
Manufactured by: CIBA Vision Corp.

Air Optix Aqua lenses are known to be the breathable lenses that offer complete health for your eyes. They transmit almost five times more oxygen as compared to the traditional soft contact lenses. You could go on wearing these lenses the whole day and they would not affect the white color of your eyes. You could even sleep with these lenses on.

In case of a unique prescription which may not be readily available, you could also get the lenses custom made. Thus, whatever be your prescription, you would be able to get the contact lenses as per your need.

So, now that you have the perfect lenses to take care of your eyes, you must also have the correct know how about how to use them. Knowing the correct procedure to insert contact lenses is very important. Take a look at how you should insert a contact lens without hurting your eyes.

* Wash your hands before you start with it. Make it a point that you never insert contact lenses with dirty hands. If your hands are dirty, you are sure to transfer some of the bacteria to your eyes.

* Spread out a clean towel down in the area where you would insert your contact lenses. This would save your lens from collecting any bacteria in case it falls down while you are inserting it.

* Never wash your lens with the help of saliva as it is full of harmful bacteria that could cause a very severe eye infection.

*Now shake the contact lens case gently so that the lenses may leave the surface of the case if they get stuck up! In case the lens is still stuck to the surface, do not pull it or it could tear.

* Put the lens in your palm and put some recommended contact lens solution over it.

* Balance the lens on the tip of your index finger or middle finger. It is advisable that your fingers be dry so that the lens is able to get off them easily.

* Pull up your eye lid with your other hand so that your eye opens up wide. Gently insert the lens directly on your cornea if you find it comfortable. If not, then look upwards and insert the lens on the white area of your eye. Blink your eye a few times and the lens would automatically come to adjust over the cornea.

So insert the lenses in the right way and enjoy all the benefits offered by the contact lenses.