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Change Your Eye color with Colored Freshlook Dimensions Contact Lenses

If you are bored with your clear white contact lenses and want to change them for something more eye-catching and unique then Freshlook Dimension contact lenses are specially meant for you. These are colored contact lenses which can completely change the way your eyes look. Read on to know more about them.

Why Freshlook Dimensions
Clear white contact lenses are passé. The 21st century is about altering the way you look. Freshlook Dimensions are meant for exactly that. These colored contact lenses change the way your eyes look. Depending upon the color of your eyes and the color of the contact lens chosen, you can either lighten up the color of your eyes or change it completely.

Further, Freshlook Dimensions have a starburst pattern on the periphery. If you are wearing translucent colors then this can add depth to your eyes. Otherwise, they would make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Manufacturer: These colored contact lenses are made by the trusted contact lens firm- CIBA Vision.

Material Used: These lenses contain 45 per cent of the polymer phemfilcon. The remainder 55 per cent is water.

Color Options Available: End users are provided with three different color options to choose from. These are Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green.

Cost per Box: A box of Freshlook Dimensions contains six lenses. The unit price of each box is around $35.00. However, numerous online vendors provide some really low price per box if the number of boxes bought is more (some drop the price to as low as $28.95 per box on purchase of more boxes). Hence, it is best that you check out the best deal that you can get. 

Advantages of Wearing Freshlook Dimensions
* Freshlook Dimensions have a natural look to them. The starburst pattern around the edges of the lenses makes the eye look visually more appealing.
* Since they are 1-2 week disposable lenses, there is no issue of developing any type of eye infection due to prolonged usage.
* They do not irritate the eyes too much and are comfortable to use.

Disadvantages of Freshlook Dimensions
* Freshlook Dimensions are only meant to change the color of your eyes. Though lenses with plano vision are the most easily available, people who need vision correction can also find vision correcting, colored Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses.
* These lenses are meant only for recreational activities. If you need to work with your eyes wide open then it is better that you revert back to clear contact lenses. Freshlook Dimensions have a tendency to blur out the vision.
* Despite 55 per cent water content, they tend to dry out faster.