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Focus Progressive Contact Lenses- A Review

Focus Progressives is yet another offering from the house of CIBAVSION. These are bifocal contact lenses which can help you get rid of your bifocal glasses and still offer you an accurate vision.

Focus Progressives: People for Whom They Are Best
There are many individuals who suffer from a sight impairment called Presbyopia. These individuals need a bifocal lens to correct their vision. Previously, it was only possible to produce such a lens in glass or plastic and then fit it into the spectacles. With Focus Progressives, the need to wear these ugly looking spectacles is now gone. These bifocal lenses can very easily be used in place of spectacles.

Material Content in Focus Progressives
Focus Progressive contact lenses are made up of a polymer compound called Vifilcon A. The ratio of this compound in the lense is 45 per cent and the remaining 55 per cent is water. The lenses come in a pack of six and are immersed in a phosphate buffered saline solution.

Focus Progressive- Cost per Box
The cost of each box of Focus Progressive daily disposable, aspherical, bifocal contact lenses from your eye doctor would be around $50.00 for 6 contact lenses. However, if you buy them online, the cost can sometimes come to two-thirds of this price. The quality and guarantee on the product provided is the same in both the cases. Further, online vendors also provide return guarantee on unopened boxes.

Advantages of Focus Progressives

* Focus Progressives are soft contact lenses. Hence, your eyes won't hurt after wearing them.
* Focus Progressive contact lenses are daily disposable lenses. Hence, they can be discarded after a day's use. This eliminates all chances of developing eye infection normally present in reusable contact lenses.
* There is no need to take special care of these lenses. You do not need to spend any extra money on cleaning solutions or spare some extra time cleaning them. Just use them and throw them away.
* Focus Progressive lenses are tinted. This helps individual users easily locate the lenses in their phosphate buffered saline solution packaging. Also, the purpose of the tint is only this and there is no change in the color of the eye.
* Since they are bifocal, they can help you see clearly at all distances.

Disadvantages of Focus Progressives

* Some users have complained that a sudden shift in focus from things closer to the eye to distant objects momentarily blurs their vision.

The verdict is that Focus Progressives can alter the life and appearances of those who need to wear bifocal spectacle glasses otherwise. It is an easy and hassle-free way to correct Presbyopia.