Buying Contact Lens

FreshLook ColorBlends- For Fresh Look Every Time

FreshLook ColorBlends are one of the most popular contacts for those who wish to give their eyes an attractive color but look natural all the same. FreshLook uses an innovative technology to blend three colors in one lens to render a beautiful natural color effect. There is even a hazel around the pupil with a charcoal lining to make the lens look as real as it can get.

FreshLook ColorBlends come in nine distinct colors - amethyst, blue, brown, green, gray, honey, pure hazel, true sapphire, and turquoise. Brown looks very true while turquoise is last on the list of natural colors. But turquoise looks attractive. True sapphire is bright and lively. Blue is a little lesser in brightness. The colors all look different on different eye colors and even on two different people with the same eye color. The gray is a new addition and is perhaps the most popular of them all.

FreshLook ColorBlends look good on darker eyes. For lighter eyes, they suggest the Radiance line of contacts. FreshLook colors are high-quality and never fade. Although your eyes look a different color, the way you see color is not affected by the color of the contacts you are using.

FreshLook ColorBlends are manufactured by CIBA Vision and meant for two weeks of use before disposal. They are extremely thin and the water content is 55%, making them comfortable to wear without causing dryness.

FreshLook ColorBlends Toric for astigmatism:

These are specially made for those with astigmatism. The lenses have one power for astigmatism and another one for myopia or hypermetropia. They are made in such a way that they don't rotate in the eye.

 The Toric contacts are as comfortable and clear as your old glasses. There are four colors available - blue, green, gray and honey. The same three-in-one technology is used as for the regular ones and the colors look natural and beautiful. ColorBlends is one of the very few brands that offer toric lenses.

These contacts do a better job of correcting astigmatism than eyeglasses. You don't see distortion at the sides and objects don't look like they are swimming.

The Toric contacts are made for one to two weeks of use before disposal. Each pack contains six lenses immersed in a specially made solution.

Cleaning solution:

The recommended cleaning solutions for FreshLook ColorBlends Toric are AquaSoft and Clear Care®. These are two superior cleaning solutions that can be used for cleaning, rinsing, storing and disinfecting. There is no need to rub with these solutions, and neither is there need for preservatives.