Buying Contact Lens

FreshLook Colors for a Complete Makeover

FreshLook Colors are for those who want their eyes to look spectacularly different. These are opaque lenses made by CIBA vision that give a very vivid look to the eyes. They have used a patented dot matrix technology that gives the lenses a very natural look. FreshLook Colors is available in four colors - blue, green, hazel and violet. Opaque lenses are the only way of making your eyes look totally different from what they are.

FreshLook Colors uses a simple technique to make the lens look natural; the lens has one solid color with a pupil at the centre. In spite of the rudimentary method, FreshLook Colors is one of the best colored lenses available in the market today. All the colors are equally popular; but most brown-eyed people go for green. The four colors available look best on dark eyed people. There are other options for light eyes with FreshLook.

FreshLook Colors lenses are meant to be disposed after two weeks of use. They come in powers -8 to +6 and have a standard base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.5. You can continue using the lenses for close to a month if you don't use them often. Dispose them as soon as they start feeling dry.

FreshLook Colors also comes in one-day disposable packs. With these you can have fun changing your looks every day or whenever you feel like.

Color change on dark eyes: It is possible to completely change dark brown eyes with opaque lenses. FreshLook Colors lenses are specially made to address that need. FreshLook ColorBlends is another line of products that fit into that category.

For light eyes: Light eyes are easy to work on as they only need a few enhancements to look better. Although FreshLook Colors can be used on light eyes too, it would be better to use FreshLook Dimensions and FreshLook Radiance as they brighten your natural color without completely changing it.

For color change only: If you wish to wear contacts only for sporting a new look and not for vision correction, you can do it using plano lenses. But contact lenses are medical devices as far as the FDA is concerned, and you need to go to a certified eye care professional to get them prescribed.

FreshLook provides free trial contacts to eye care professionals; so you can visit them and try on each of them to find out what looks best on you.