Buying Contact Lens

Freshlook Handling Tint Contact Lenses for Newbie's

FreshLook Handling Tint contact lenses are not for changing the color of the eye. The tint only helps find them in the solution. They are meant for daily use for up to one week before disposal. They are easy to handle, comfortable and convenient. Made by CIBA Vision, they come in packs of six in a buffered saline solution.

The material used is phemfilcon A and the lenses are 55% water. The high water content makes them feel comfortable and prevents dryness.

The FreshLook brand of contact lenses is available even for strong prescriptions; it has one of the widest ranges of contacts in the market. You can ask your eye care professional for availability and trials.

All FreshLook contact lenses except the DuraSoft line are disposable. Your eye care professional is the best person to help you fix the right schedule of disposal. The lenses are made for everyday use and can be used for two weeks. They need to be removed at night and stored in the solution.

Some cleanliness tips:

* Don't let tap water come in contact with your lenses. Microorganisms found in tap water cause eye infections. While disinfectants do destroy the microorganisms, the larvae remain intact.
* Don't let the bottle containing the solution touch anything; not even your fingers. The eyes are extremely sensitive and need to be protected against any sort of impurities.
* Also keep your lens cases and cleaning devices unsoiled as mentioned in the directions of use. Cases can be cleaned with hot tap water and kept to dry.
* Dispose your lenses as soon as the prescribed period is over or if your eyes feel dry or irritated.

If you are new at wearing soft contact lenses, you may have problems knowing whether you are wearing them the right way or inside-out. One way to tell is to hold the lens on the finger and looking at the shape of the cup. If the shape it forms is a perfect U, you are holding it right. If the edges of the U are flaring, it is inside-out. FreshLook Handling Tint lenses offer another way of knowing the right side. Look at the edge of the lens; the tint should be darker when you hold it the right way. It will not look that way when it is inside-out. In some brands, the name of the brand is laser marked on the lens at the edges. If you can read the name, you are holding it right.

But don't be too anxious if you cannot spot the right side of the lens. Even if you wear it the other way, it is not going to harm you in any way. At the most they will feel uncomfortable.