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Natural Touch Colors: Contact Lenses by Cooper Vision- A Review

Beautiful eyes can have a lasting impression on onlookers. If you want to add more color to your eyes (or want to change it) then Natural Touch Color contact lenses from Cooper Vision is the way to go.

Uniqueness of Natural Touch Colors
Natural Touch Colors are colored contact lenses which radically alter the appearances of your eyes. Try them out if you are tired of wearing clear white contact lenses. They can definitely add more color and mysteriousness to your personality. The best part is that these are meant for both- normal sighted people and those who need vision correction.

Shades Available in Natural Touch Colors
There are six shades of opaque lenses available in Natural Touch Colors. These six shades can change your eye color to sophisticated blue, aqua seas, hazel, willow green, sultry gray or baby blue.

These truly amazing colored contact lenses can be bought for around $60.00 per pair. Prices can slightly vary from vendor to vendor. It is best that you buy them from online vendors. The chances of getting discounts are more in their case.

The following points work in favor of the "Natural Touch Colors" contact lens by Cooper Vision:
* They are durable and long lasting.
* Can be put into the eyes very easily.
* Are extremely visible and get noticed very easily.

The following things work against these contact lenses:
* The contact lenses do not hold on to the eyes; they tend to slide and fall out.
* Many a times it is clearly visible that they are not "natural" but fake.
* The cost comes as a prohibition for many prospective buyers.
* A tendency to leave the eye dry becomes evident through use. This, though, can be rectified with regular use of cleaning eye solutions.
* They are somewhat difficult to clean.
* Contrary to claims, they do not look good on dark eyes.
* They are somewhat smaller than the iris of the eye. Hence, at times these can impart ghostly appearance to your eyes.

For those who have become bored with their white contact lenses or those who want to change the color of their eye, these lenses are the best. Though the price might intimidate you there is no denying the fact that this cost paid for an image makeover is a relatively small one. For a very small amount, you can completely change the look of your eyes and force people to take notice of you.

Minor disadvantages not withstanding, these are a great pair to have. However, always try to use them sporadically (unless specified otherwise by your optometrist).