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O2 Optix Contact Lenses- A Review

O2 Optix is one of the many better contact lens brands in the market. Hence, if you are a contact lens user then you can definitely check out the contact lenses offered by O2 Optix.

Uniqueness of O2 Optix Contact Lenses

The uniqueness of O2 Optix contact lenses in their ability to allow your eyes to breathe. This means that O2 contact lenses allow an increased amount of oxygen to reach your eyes than most other brands. This means that your eyes do not become dry and red but retain their whiteness, brightness and healthy-appearance.

Some Things to Remember While Using Them
All contact lenses have a shelf life. The same goes for O2 Optix. They can be used for 2 weeks at a stretch. After that they need to be discarded and a fresh pair acquired. Failure to replace them would result in eye infection which can threaten your vision. For best results, use them for a period of 7-14 days. Also, do not go to sleep with the lenses on.

Material Used
CIBA Vision is the manufacturer of O2 Optix lenses. The material used to make these lenses is lotrafilcon B. It is a silicone hydrogel in which water content (based on weight) is 33 per cent.

Cost per Unit
A box of O2 Optix contains 6 lenses. The cost per unit can vary from vendor to vendor. The price of the box can vary from $17.95 to $24.95. Hence, look for a better deal when buying. Also, it is best to buy them online. O2 Optix contact lenses bought online would be cheaper than local vendors.

The main advantage provided by O2 Optix contact lenses is that they do not allow Corneal Oxygen deficiency to set in. Usually, this happens when there is not enough oxygen reaching the eyes. A result of this oxygen deficiency can be dry eyes which itch and then turn red. O2 Optix is made up of a silicone based hydrogel which allows up to five times more oxygen to reach the eyes, thereby effectively minimizing the development of dry and red eyes.

Another advantage of O2 Optix is its price. In terms of price, it is far cheaper than other breathable contact lenses.

It takes time for users (especially first time users) to settle into a constant use of these lenses. However, there is no stopping their use once the eyes get accustomed to them. Further, long exposure to air tends to dry out the hydrogel. To avoid it, it is best that you rehydrate them in their solution once every ten hours.

All in all, the O2 Optix contact lenses are extremely user-friendly and are cheap too. They are worth the money you spend.