Buying Contact Lens

Precision UV Contact Lenses- Safety Gear for Outdoor People

Precision UV contact lenses manufactured by Wesley-Jessen VisionCare, Inc. were the first ones in the market to block UV rays. They block ninety percent of the sun's harmful UV rays and are considered to be one of the best. Apart from safety, they are designed to be comfortable and convenient to wear.

Precision UV contacts are 1-2 week disposable lenses meant for daily wear. They have a tint for the purpose of easy locating in solution. The tint does not change the color of the eyes. They come in packs of six, immersed in a buffered saline solution. Precision UV lenses are easier to wear than most other brands and easier to handle.

They have a high water content (74 percent) which makes them very comfortable for the eyes with no dryness. The material used is polymer (vasurfilcon A) which makes up for the other 26 percent. The composition of the lenses allows for more oxygen flow to the eye, giving more comfort all through the day.

The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are harmful for the eyes and skin. Tissues in the eye are damaged when they absorb UV rays. UV-C rays damage the cornea, causing burning pain and tear. UV-A and UV-B rays go through the cornea and are absorbed by the crystalline lens, causing cataract. The UV rays that are not absorbed by other tissues are absorbed by the retina, causing macula degeneration.

People who spend a long time outdoors can benefit with Precision UV contact lenses. Combined with UV protection sunglasses, these can give complete protection from UV rays while working, playing field games, or strolling on the beach. However, these contact lenses are not a substitute for UV protection sunglasses because they don't cover the adjacent areas of the eye. Using UV contact lenses does not mean you can stop using protective eyewear. Information regarding protective measures should be sought from your eye care professional.

Precision UV contact lenses are available in higher powers than most other 1-2 week disposable lenses. The lenses are thicker and more durable than the others. Precision UV lenses are great for first timers and those who are not looking for coloring their eyes.

Some well known opticians repackage Precision UV contact lenses and market them as their own brand. For example, the "Boots High Water Monthly Replacement Soft Lens" are actually Precision UV. You are advised to order your contact lenses online, which can also save you a lot of money.