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Proactive 55 Contact Lenses From CooperVision- A Review

The Proactive 55 is a brand of contact lenses offered by CooperVision/Ocular Sciences. The lens is also alternatively known as Smartchoice 55 as they are manufactured by the same company (Occular Sciences). These are soft disposable contact lenses which can be thrown away after use.

Proactive 55 Product Information: Targeted Customers
The Proactive 55/Smartchoice 55 contact lenses are meant for daily and extended use. These are non-bifocal or non-multifocal. Aphakic or non-aphakic individuals who have disease-free eyes and who need to correct eyes problems such as refractive ametropia (hyperopia, myopia and presbyopia) can wear the Proactive 55/Smartchoice 55. These lenses provide great acuity and visual comfort.

What Are the Lenses Made of?
Smartchoice 55/ Proactive 55 contact lenses are made up of the polymer material Occufilcon D. The polymer accounts for 45 per cent of the contact lense weight. The remaining 55 per cent is pure water.

Cost Per Package
Proactive 55/Smartchoice 55 contact lenses come in a box of six contact lenses immersed in a saline solution. The retail cost of this box can be quite high, about $64.00 per box. However, you can shop online from different vendors and can easily find offers varying from $24.00 to $30.00 per box. That is a huge saving of as much as 50 per cent.

How Safe Is It To Buy Proactive 55 Online?
Online shopping has become extremely secure in recent years. Online retailers ensure that there is no loss of personal information submitted at the time of purchase. Further, the level of customer satisfaction provided is also high. If customers do not like the product then online retailers are willing to take back the unopened boxes of Proactive 55 contact lenses. The best part is that the prices are up to 50 per cent cheaper.

Advantages of Proactive 55
* These are disposable contact lenses. Hence, there would never be any issue of eye infection of any type. You can use them for a week and then throw them away.
* A high amount of water in their composition (55 per cent) ensures that your eyes do not become dry too quickly.
* These are extremely useful for correcting vision defects such as refractive ametropia, hyperopia, myopia and presbyopia.
* The comfort provided by these lenses is great. The lenses are soft and can be easily put on and taken off.

Disadvantages of Proactive 55
* For people who can not do anything except buy them from local retailers, the high cost of Proactive 55 can be a bit of a deterrent. At $64.00 for a box of 6 disposable contact lenses, it is quite expensive. For those who can, online shopping is the best way to beat the price.