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Provision 55 Contact Lenses- A Review

If you are looking for disposable soft lenses that come with performance and convenience of use then nothing could be better than Provision 55 contact lenses. They are also marketed under the brand name of Frequency 55 Sphere.

Product Description: Provision 55 contact lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses. They are clear white lenses which come with a slight tint. The tint is meant only for locating the lens in its solution and is not meant to change the color of your eye.

Material Used: Provision 55 contact lenses are made up of the polymer Methafilcon A. The lens contains 45 per cent of this polymer. The remaining weight (55 per cent) is that of pure water.

Who Can Use Provision 55 contact lenses?
Provision 55 contact lenses are spherical contact lenses. Hence, all those who need a simple vision correction can wear them. They are not meant for correcting special vision disorders.

For How Long Can I Use Them?
Provision 55 contact lenses are meant to be used for a month at one go. After that you would need to change them. If the frequency of cleaning required by the lenses is more then you need to change them a bit early. For best information on the change cycle, it is best that you contact your doctor.

Unit Cost Per Box
Each box of Provision 55 contains six contact lenses. The lenses come packed in a 0.9 per cent buffered saline solution that keeps them hydrated. The list price of each box Provision 55 contact lenses is $24.49. However, you can get a much better deal than this one if you purchase from online contact lens vendors. If your requirement is for more than one box then they can easily give you a good discount on the listed price.

* They are easy to wear and use.
* They are relatively inexpensive since they can be used for a month at a time. in comparison with other contact lenses, the cost savings on these contact lenses are much more.
* The tint on the lenses allow users to easily locate them.

* Since they are monthly disposable lenses they need to be cleaned regularly. If used without cleaning for a long time users may come in contact with different types of eye infection.
* Maintenance too is somewhat more for Provision 55 contact lenses.

Additional Information
Provision 55 is a private label contact lens. It is also marketed under different brand names. Hence, while the make and material content of the lens remains the same, the brand name under which it sells changes. Hence, do not go by different brand names as there are many and this can only confuse you.