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SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk- A Review

Bausch and Lomb is one of the most respected eye-ware manufacturing companies. Amongst other things, it offers a range of versatile disposable contact lenses under the brand-name SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk. These daily disposable lenses can be used and thrown away as and when needed.

Uniqueness of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk
The uniqueness of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk lies in the aspherical optical shape. This helps in generating a clear and crisp vision even in low visibility conditions. Further, SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk come with a slight tint. The tint is not meant to change the appearances of your eye but only to help you locate the lenses.

The Make of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk
Bausch and Lomb's SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk are made of 41 per cent of the polymer Hilafilcon B. The polymer has non-ionic capabilities which do not allow accumulation of debris in the eye. The eyes remain clean for as long as the lenses are in place.

The remaining part in the lense is pure water (51 per cent). The low content of water is a small cause of concern. The lenses would tend to dry out relatively quickly.

SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk lenses come in a box of 90 lenses. The retail price of each box of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk hover around the $59-$69.00 mark. Prices vary from vendor to vendor and it is best to buy them from online vendors. At some places, you might be able to get a 90 lense box of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk for as low as $42.95.

* Users have indicated that SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk contact lenses are easy to put into the eyes and comfortable to wear.
* Durability of the contact lenses is something which is also complimented by users.
* The best part is that they can be used and thrown away. Hence, there are no chances of developing eye infection. You also don't need to take care of the lenses or buy expensive cleaning solution.

* One prominent disadvantage of SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk contact lenses is that they tend to dry out the eyes after 12 hours of non-stop use. Some users have reported dryness and irritation after such a prolonged use. In some cases, users were even forced to revert back to their glasses.

People who do not like the idea of wearing vision-correcting spectacles all the time would find daily disposable SofLens Daily Disposables 90pk a great thing. These are hygienic and hassle free lenses which allow you to switch from spectacles to lenses quite easily. Further, they are extremely cheap as well. This is really good even for those who like to wear nothing else but contact lenses.