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UltraFlex 7/14 55 Contact Lenses- A Review

It is time to get rid of those ugly looking spectacles. Try the new UltraFlex 7/14 55 contact lenses. These have an aspherical optical design. They are ultra modern contact lenses that also provide UV light protection to the eyes. They are an absolute must-have in everybody's wardrobe.

Product Description: As previously said, these are aspherical contact lenses that have the capability to deviate all the entering light into one spot inside your eyes. This ability is highly unique as it allows you to get a clearer and sharper image. These are disposable contact lenses manufactured by San Francisco based Ocular Sciences and are sold in the market as a private brand.

Material Used: UltraFlex 7/14 55 contact lenses are made up of 45 per cent of polymer Ocufilcon D. The remaining 55 per cent weight is that of water.

Who Are They Meant For?
These contact lenses are meant for those people who otherwise have to wear aspherical spectacles.

Duration of Use: UltraFlex 7/14 55 lenses are disposable contact lenses. You can wear them regularly for up to one week. If you maintain and clean them then their use can be extended by another week. After that you have to dispose them away.

The cycle may vary from individual to individual. To know what is the right cycle of change for you it is best that you contact your doctor.

Package details and Unit Cost: Each box of UltraFlex 7/14 55 contains six UltraFlex 7/14 55 contact lenses immersed in a saline buffer solution. The listed cost of each box is $19.99. However, you can get a better deal on some internet contact lens vendors. But that would usually happen when your order is for more than 8 boxes. Still, there is no harm in checking out this deal. If you would frequently need them then you can invest in them right now.

Benefits of UltraFlex 7/14 55
* The best part about UltraFlex 7/14 55 contact lenses is that they are provided with UV protection. This has become highly desirable in today's world when depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere has increased penetration of UV light into the atmosphere.
* Since they are disposable lenses they do not require high maintenance and can be thrown away after use.
* They have come as a boon for those who had to wear aspherical spectacles all the time.
* The biggest advantage of these contact lenses is that so far there haven't been any disadvantage reported.

Conclusion If you have been wearing aspherical spectacles till now then the time has come to bid them goodbye. Buy yourself UltraFlex 7/14 55 contact lenses and rid your personality of the ugly looking spectacles.