Contact Lens Care

A Guide To Cleaning Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Rigid Glass Permeable (RGP)  lens require little maintenance. Nevertheless, the users should be aware of the correct cleaning methods. That is what exactly matters for the RGP lens. In case you know the exact cleaning methods about the RGP lens, half of the work is done. 

The biggest drawback of mankind is ignorance about many things. Many people do not know the exact way to clean the contact lenses. They do not know  when and how they need to polish the contact lens. Many people use either soft or the gas permeable contact lens. These people need to remember that it is very important to clean the contact lens in a proper way or manner.

The gas permeable contact lens requires nothing except the right methods of cleaning. This helps to maintain the lens as well as prevent infection of the user’s eyes.  Maintaining your lenses properly ensure that the lenses last for a long time and the eyes remain free of infection.

The cleaning process of RGP lenses is simple. The first thing to remember is to start by cleaning your hands very well.

Do not use dirty water to clean the lens. This can result in infection and defeat the very purpose of cleaning the lens.

RGP lenses are more prone to scratches than any other type of lens. In case the RGP lenses have scratches, they need to be polished at any cost.  This will remove scratches from the lenses.

The contact lenses should be clear and free of deposits of any sort. Deposits from the surface of the lens can be removed by using enzymatic tablets. The enzymatic cleaner can polish the contact lenses in a very powerful way.

You can also take some special tips from the specialist of the eye. He will teach you the complete process to clean and polish the eye contact lenses. The literature which is available with the lens is also a good means of checking the exact procedure to clean and maintain your lens.  Remember that a little bit of care will extend the life of your contacts for a long period of time.