Contact Lens Care

A Guide To Usage Of Contact Lenses

Had it not been for these wonderful contact lenses, most of you would have ended up looking like geeks. Contact lenses are a blessing for those with poor vision. They correct your vision problems and endow you with the gift of flawless vision. But these otherwise wonderful contact lenses are not going to be of any help if you do not use them in the right manner. Here is a complete guide that will help you use your contacts in the correct manner.

The first and the most important thing that you need to make note of when using contact lenses is to wash your hands before you touch them. Touching contact lenses with unclean and dirty hands could mean transferring the dirt to the lens. This lens when applied to the eye could result in blurry vision. Even worse, you could end up with an eye infection.

Next, when you start wearing lenses, be patient. Many people are often in a rush to put their lenses and end up putting their lenses in the incorrect position. Place your lens carefully exactly above the cornea. Once you have fixed your lens in the eye, close your eye and rotate your eye balls, your eyes still closed. This will help you adjust the lens. Open your eyes and check if you can see correctly. If you have a problem viewing, take out the lens and repeat the process.

Cleanliness is the rule of thumb when you are using contact lenses. You must make constant efforts to ensure that your lenses are clean. Once you remove your lenses, make sure that you cleanse them with a proper cleansing solution. Also disinfect your lenses using an appropriate disinfectant. This helps clear your lens of various bacteria, dirt, and impurities that can harm your eye. You need not follow the practice of cleansing and disinfecting if you are using daily disposable lenses as they need to be thrown away after a day's use.

Make it a habit to remove your lenses every night before you go to sleep. Putting your lenses on 24*7 could damage your eyes. If you are wearing continuous contact lenses then you need not remove them every night. But, make sure that you cleanse them too. Daily contact lenses and even disposable lenses should be removed when sleeping.

Storage is another important consideration to use contact lenses in the right way. There are special solutions that are meant for storage of contact lenses. Make sure that you place your lenses in such solutions. Keep your contact lens in a cool and dry place.

Use your contact lenses in the right manner and they are going to last much longer and even work better for you.