Contact Lens Care

Application And Removal Of Contact Lenses

Of all the major parts of our body, the eyes are considered to be the most beautiful and the most fragile. This makes it necessary that we take proper care of our eyes.  While using glasses is very easy, the contact lenses present and altogether different case. It is necessary to take extreme care and precaution while you are using contact lenses especially during the process of application and removal of color contact lenses.

Let us begin with the appropriate procedure of application of contact lenses. It is necessary that your hands are properly washed clean and dried before you touch the color contact lenses. Start by holding the lens with index finger. Lubricate it by putting a drop of solution on it. With your other hand, pull down your lower eyelid. All the while you should be looking up.

Now bring your index finger near your eye and place the lens on your eye very gently. Once your lens is released from your finger, do not close your eyes immediately. Instead it is better to let the lens settle first. After a few seconds you should close your eyelids and open them slowly. Th contact lens should have settled in properly.

Now we come to the process of removing your contact lenses from the eyes. Again we begin with washing our hands and toweling them dry with a clean cloth. You must be very careful when you take the lens out. Start looking up ward and pull your lens out by holding it with your index finger. It would not happen perfectly in the first attempt so keep on trying. Do not panic if your lens changes position and do not forget to wet your finger with lens solution before you bring it close to your eyes.

Remember that the process of application and removal might seem overtly complicated and needing a lot of care when done for the very first time but gradually you would get used to it and application and removal of contact would become just like another routine part of your life.