Contact Lens Care

Uncomfortable With Your Contact Lenses?

Even if you are using the best of contact lenses, chances are that you may have some or the other problem with them. Whether it is redness of eyes or slight itching, a few problems are inevitable. However, there is no reason for you to suffer. A few simple changes like the way you wear your contact lenses, or daily habits will help solve the problem.

Redness/swelling in the eyes
If you experience pain, redness or swelling in the eyes on wearing contact lenses then you must discontinue its use right away. Also, you must see a doctor to ascertain the actual cause of the problem. Many a times, there is a serious problem in the eyes that leads to redness, itching and swelling.

Burning sensation in the eyes
If you experience a burning feeling on putting on your contact lenses, it is most probably due to the contamination of the lenses. Your contact lenses grasp all the substances they come in contact with. These could be your soaps, lotions, moisturizers and the like. When you put on the lenses, these substances come in contact with your eyes, which cause a burning feeling. Thus, it is important that you clean your hands before you touch your lenses. Also, try to use soaps that are devoid of any kind of moisturizers or perfumes.

Constant lens awareness
Do you always feel that there is something in your eye on wearing contact lenses? If yes, then you are probably wearing a contact lens that is not the size of your eyes. Contact lenses come in different diameters or curvatures. So, if you choose a lens of the wrong curvature or diameter, you are bound to feel that there is something in your eyes all the time.

Occasional dryness
Dryness comes along with contact lenses. If your eyes get dry occasionally then using over the counter eye drops is one of the best things that you can do. However, you need to ensure that your contact lens is compatible with the eye drops that you are using. You can ask your doctor about which eye drops will suit your contact lens the best. But, in case your eyes get dry rather too frequently then you may seek the opinion of a doctor.

Many people experience redness or irritation in the eyes as an allergic reaction. If you deal with any kind of allergy then your contact lenses could pose even more problems for you. The reason for the same is that contact lenses collect allergens which can aggravate the reaction further. The best way to deal with allergies is to keep your contact lens clean at all times. Use a good cleansing solution along with a disinfectant. You may also consider using disposable contact lenses.

Just a little effort will help you deal with most problems with your contact lenses.