Contact Lens Care

Clean Your Contacts Lenses with a Thermal Cleaner

It is very important that people, who wear contact lenses,  use the contact lens thermal cleaner regularly. It is a good choice especially for those people who wear soft contact lenses. The biggest advantage of the contact lens thermal cleaner is that it removes the proteins and the dirt particles which get deposited on the surface of the lens. Contact lens thermal cleaner releases heat. This heat kills  germs that can lead to  infections of the eye.

Using the contact lens thermal cleaner protects the eyes from extreme irritation. So it is a good idea to clean your lens regularly. It is very important to read the instructions before the use of contact lens thermal cleaner. These instructions give you tips on how to use the cleaner. If you read the instructions carefully, there will be fewer problems while handling the cleaner.

It is also important to wash your  hands before you handle the contact lens thermal cleaner. After this, remove the contact lens. Make sure that you do this correctly.  The reason is that the contact lens cleaner can clean the lens but it definitely cannot repair a broken lens. It is very important to maintain a complete track of the two lenses separately. 

The contact lens cleaner does not keep a complete track record of which lens belongs to which eye. Once you remove the lens from the eye, clean it first with the daily cleaner. After this, clean the lens with the thermal cleaner. Do not forget to rinse the lens before using the thermal cleaner. It becomes very important to disinfect the lens. The disinfection process has to be carried out before the lens is placed in the box. Now it becomes very important to screw the lids on. Later, you can use the thermal cleaner at ease.

The operation of thermal cleaner is easy to handle. Plug in the thermal cleaner. Now, turn it on. It will take an overall 30 to 45 minutes to disinfect the lenses. It is a very easy process.