Contact Lens Care

Clean Your Contacts With A Thermal Cleaner.

For those of us who wear a pair of contact lens, cleaning the lens is quite a chore. Yet it is a very necessary chore.

When we wear a pair of contacts, we expose them to dirt, smoke, grime and pollution. Constant wear of contacts also results in protein and tears from the eyes forming a thin film on our contacts. Certain types of contacts need to be cleaned more often.  The fact is that irrespective of the type of lenses you wear, you need to clean them on a regular basis.

Follow the instructions provided by your optometrist to clean your contact lenses to the letter. It is essential to prevent any discomfort that may arise from dirt, protein deposits, microbial infections or any other similar problem.

Contact lens care depends a lot on the type of lenses you are wearing. However, the three steps that are necessary are rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting.  Rinsing and cleaning is essential to remove dirt, grime, protein buildup and any other contaminants that are likely to be deposited on your lenses.

Disinfecting is killing germs that may cause infection. One way to disinfect your lens is to use a thermal contact lens cleaner. This is quite simply an electrically operated unit that keeps your lenses submersed in a disinfecting solution and subjects them to a certain temperature for a certain interval of time.

Before you disinfect your lens, you have to make sure that all solid particles such as dirt and protein are thoroughly removed by rinsing and cleaning the lens. The thermal cleaner disinfects; it does not remove dirt from the lens

Another word of caution should be mentioned here. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you handle your lens to remove them or put them back on.