Contact Lens Care

Cleaning Methods for Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Are you using the gas permeable contact lenses? You should know the cleaning methods for the same to ensure the safety of your eyes. In this article, we will discuss  the cleaning methods for gas permeable contact lenses. The proper cleaning methods for the gas permeable contact lenses or GPs ensure an added life to the lenses.

First of all, you need to know about the solutions involved in the cleaning of GPs. These are the daily cleaner, saline solution, soaking solution and the enzymatic solution. These different solutions have different roles to play in cleaning the lenses. They should be used in the proper order.

To start with you should wash and dry your hands to avoid any infection. This  ensures that bacteria and fuzz is kept out of your eyes. You have to remove each lens one by one, place it in the palm of your hand and rinse it with the daily cleaner. Start off with the right lens and place it on your left hand.

After this, you have to use the saline solution. This is for the purpose of rinsing the lenses. Once done that the role of the soaking solution comes into play. You have to soak the lenses in a soaking solution filled lens case. The enzymatic solution is used to make sure that the enzymes do not collect at the eye surface. This solution is to be used once in a week.

If you find the use of gas permeable contact lenses uncomfortable, you can use the re-wetting solutions. These can add moisture to the eyes thereby providing comfort to the eyes.

There are a number of multi-purpose solutions available which usually perform all of the above functions.

The gas permeable lenses are more rigid than  soft lenses. As a result they are easier to clean than soft lenses. They do not attract protein deposits as much as soft lenses do.

All you need to do is properly follow the instructions given on the package of the contact lens solutions. Unless you do so, you can affect the health of your eyes and also shorten the life of your GPs.