Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Cleaning Solution

With the increasing popularity of  contact lenses, it has become very important to learn how to take care of your contact lenses.  There are many methods by which you can clean your contact lenses. The most common and effective method is to use a good cleaning solution. Contact lens cleaning is easier than ever before. All you need to do is to follow the instructions.

Before we go on to describe contact lens cleaning solutions, it is important to note the following two points: -

Improper care of your contact lens can result in various types of eye infections. Some of these infections can be severe in nature.

If you want to switch to any other product for cleaning and taking care of your contacts, then first consult your eye doctor. This is to make sure that the cleaning solution that you use is compatible with your lens. Using a cleaning or rinsing product that is not compatible with the lens may damage the lens.

Basic instructions for contact lens cleaning

Wash your hands thoroughly. This makes sure that your hands are totally disinfected and they do not pass on any germs to your eyes. The use of moisturizing soaps is not recommended as they can ruin your contact lenses. Always dry your hands with a lint-free towel. Select one lens at a time. Clean it with suitable cleaning solution. The cleaning process removes protein buildups, cosmetics and dust that gather on the surface of the lens.

Some cleaning products require that you rub the lens in the palm of your hands; others just require you to rinse the lens. You can repeat the rinsing process in case the lens is not completely clean.

Now, place the contact lens in the appropriate case and fill it with suitable soaking and disinfecting solution. Disinfecting is required to kill microorganisms present on the lens. Disinfection time differs from one product to another.

Some of the contact lens cleaning solutions

Saline solutions are used for rinsing and storing the contact lenses, while disinfecting can be carried out by using enzymatic cleaning pills with a heat or  UV ray disinfecting system. Always remember that saline solutions and other saline products are not for the purpose of cleaning and disinfecting.

Daily cleaner is used for cleaning of contact lenses. Place some drops of daily cleaner on the palm of your hand and cautiously rub the lens for specified time period. Make sure to clean the lens on both sides. For rinsing and disinfection, use appropriate solutions.

Hydrogen peroxide solution serves the purpose of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing the contact lenses. First, place the lenses in the basket provided along with the solution and rinse them. Then keep this basket in its cup and fill it with solution to clean and disinfect the lenses. Some hydrogen peroxide systems have an in-built neutralizer in the lens holder. For systems which do not have an in built neutralizer, a neutralizing tablet may be required. Before placing the contact lenses in your eyes, rinse them with some other product.

Following the instructions and using the right product for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting your lenses can make sure that the lenses will last long and give you trouble free performance.