Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Solution Is A Must!

Contact lenses have assumed a lot of popularity in the modern times. They are being used by millions all over the world. The usage of contact lenses is simple but it also accompanied by a number of eye diseases. If a user ignores certain aspects of using contact lenses like cleaning and disinfecting them, then it can result in grave consequences. It is important to keep a contact lens in good shape if one wants to avoid eye infections and other diseases.


Contact lens solutions are used for the cleansing of contact lenses and they also help in disinfecting them. No contact lens solution is required for daily disposable lenses but for the others it is inevitable. A few contact lens solutions are as follows; 


*multi purpose solution: used for cleansing, disinfecting and storing contact lenses. It is the most popular cleaning agent.


*saline solution: it is primarily used for rinsing and for preparing the lens for installation.


*daily cleaner: used to clean the lens daily. A few drops of it are poured on the lens and then it is gently rubbed.


*hydrogen peroxide solution: used as a disinfectant. Generally preferred by people with irritating and sensitive eyes.


*enzymatic cleaner: cleans protein deposits. Found in the form of tablets


So, along with using contact lenses it’s important that we pay heed to the cleaning of the lenses. These contact lens solutions can turn out to be handy and are inevitable for the maintenance of lens care. It is utterly significant that people should be made aware about the need of using contact lens solutions. These solutions are easily available in the market and can be purchased quite comfortably. Therefore, along with promotion of contact lenses of various kinds, it is the need of hour to stimulate the use of contact lens solutions so that eye care and hygiene can be well tended to.