Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Wear Is A Possibility if You Have Dry Eyes!

It is really a pathetic and miserable situation, when a contact lens user tries to apply contact lenses on to dry eyes. In case the user tries to do so, it often proves to be very uncomfortable and irritating. There is a lot of advancement in contact lens technology which is a boon for people with dry eyes.

In the present days, you can use contact lens even if your eyes are dry. It becomes very important to examine the type of lens you need to use if you have dry eyes. It is very essential to find the right kind of lens. Just consult an expert contact lens fitter. He will find a particular lens that will work well for the dry eyes.

There are various companies like Cooper Vision. These companies are the pioneers in the field of contact lens meant for dry eyes. The biggest advantage of these contact lenses is that these contact lenses stay wet and lubricated even when worn on dry eyes. This provides a great sense of relief to users that have dry eyes.

In case your eyes are dry, then the extreme H2O contact lenses work wonders. The user feels enormous comfort when they use these lenses on dry eyes. These lenses are made of a unique propriety plastic material. One of the very significant features of thisĀ  plastic material is that it has the power to retainĀ  water content for a much longer period. This material has the ability to maintain a minimum hydration and lubrication level. This plastic material has the tendency to retain its shape throughout the day.

It should be pointed out that the rigid gas permeable lenses are good for the dry eyes. The RGP lens is made of the plastic that is rigid. Its biggest property is that it does not dehydrate on the eye. The use of this lens does not lead to the dry eye discomfort. The plastic that composes the RGP lens is oxygen permeable. These days, people also use the plasma treatment for dry eyes.