Contact Lens Care

How To Prevent Protein Buildup On Your Contacts?

Eye produces protein that generally gets flushed away with blinking or tears. But ,for the people who use contact lenses, the protein transforms into small crystals that is also referred to as buildup. Buildup is in the form of a white cloudy mark on the contact lens, which is primarily responsible for blurred vision or discomfort.

People who wear hard contact lens that are gas-permeable can get rid of the protein, by consulting an optician. But for others, proper care and use of lenses helps control the protein buildup. Here are a few preventive measures that could help you control protein build up on lenses:

Clean the contact lens properly with good saline solution
Always rinse your lens with good saline storage solution. Place the contact lens in the lens case filled with fresh saline solution. Discard the solution after use and never keep the lenses in the same solution as it could lead to development of bacteria or other such microorganisms in the lens. Although opticians don't recommend rubbing lenses, it becomes mandatory in case the lenses are prone to protein deposition. So, after removing lens, keep it on palm and rub it on each side for 8 seconds. Finally, store the lenses in the lens case filled with fresh saline solution.

Eye drops should be used on a daily basis
For prolonged use of lenses, consider buying eye drops that not only re-moisturize but also keep the contacts clean. Eye drops eliminates the chances of protein buildup and keep the lenses clean.

Remove your lenses every night
It is strictly recommended to remove the lenses at the end of each day, even if they are designed for overnight use.

Avoid potential debris
The contact of makeup or hair with the eyes lead to formation of a substance called debris that leads to blurring of vision. This substance allows protein to be accumulated quickly on the lens. To lessen the chances of its formation, insert lenses after the makeup has been applied. Also, make use of hairspray in a separate room where you won't insert your lens as hairspray remains present in the air for a longer duration. Once the contact lenses are removed, the makeup should be washed off. This averts gathering of unnecessary particles on the crease of the eye.

Make use of an enzymatic cleaner
On a weekly basis, treat your contact lens with enzymatic cleaner. First go through the cleaning process with the aid of saline solution and then follow the directions mentioned on the enzymatic cleaner. This would even remove the obstinate protein buildup.

Prefer use of hydrogen solutions
If you are following all the above stated facts properly but are still not able to capitulate effective solution from the use of saline solution, make use of hydrogen solution. These solutions offer a better cleanse.

Follow the above mentioned ways to avoid protein buildup on your lenses and to keep them healthy forever.