Contact Lens Care

How to Remove Contact Lenses

Users who are not familiar with the routine of taking care or removing and inserting their contact lenses are likely to have a number of questions relating to these areas. The questions that we will answer here is on removing contact lenses. A number of the infections and problems caused by contact lenses are simply because of improper handling, cleaning and storing of contact lenses.

The first and foremost thing that we have to be careful about when we handle our contact lenses in any way, is to make sure that our hands are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Wet and dirty hands are a possible source of infection. So, before we begin removing the contact lenses, let us lather our hands with soap and rinse thoroughly. After that, let us use disposable paper towels (preferably) to dry our hands.

Make sure that you are working over a table and not a sink. If you have no choice except working over the sink, then plug the drain. Before removing your lens, put in a drop or two of lubricating solution in case your eye is dry. This should be done around 5 to 10 minutes before you remove the lens. This will make it easier to remove the lens.

First, take the right lens and then move to the left one. Pinch the lens using the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand, and gently remove. You should either throw away the lens in case it is disposable or follow the instructions for cleaning such a lens and store it in a lens case.

In case you find it difficult to remove the lens with your fingers, then use a suction cup to remove the lens.

Lenses are sensitive medical devices that are meant to correct your vision. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided by your manufacturer in taking care, storing, inserting and removing your lens.