Contact Lens Care

Lens Care Tips Not to be Missed

Contact lenses, unlike glasses, demand care and attention, which you must provide for your own good. Unclean lenses are dangerous breeding grounds for potentially harmful organisms that can wreak havoc on your eyes and vision. Here are a few useful tips for lens care so that your eyes are duly taken care of in turn.

1) First comes the handling part. Wash your hands with soap and make sure that they are absolutely clean and dry before handling the lenses. Use a lint free towel to dry your hands. If you take extra care of your skin, ensure that you do it after you have put on or put off your lenses. That is, your hands must not have any moisturizer, lotion, cream or any such foreign element on them when you handle your lenses. For, it might contaminate the lenses, which not only reduces the life of your contacts but is also potentially dangerous for your eyes.

2) Use your fingertips to handle the lenses and since long nails harbor germs, it is better that you keep them short and neatly filed.

3) Every day, when you get back home, take off the lenses and rinse them right away in the prescribed cleaning solution. Also, ensure that the solution is made by a reputable company. Do not compromise on the quality of the solution because cleaning is what keeps the lens safe for your eyes. Therefore, compromising on the solution means compromising on the health of your eyes.

4) Keep the lenses completely under the disinfecting solution when they are not in use. No part of the lens should be exposed, for that may cause contamination.

5) In case of any kind of discomfort, the specialist must be immediately contacted so the problem could be eradicated. Lenses with bacterial or fungal growth must never be worn.

Lenses are the protectors of your eyes and vision and therefore every care must be taken that they are in good working condition. Those who have recently switched from glasses to lenses must take extra care because the users of spectacles are likely to be more carefree about the lenses, being accustomed to the relatively moderate cleaning that the glasses need.

Contacts, my friend, are a different ball game altogether. So, get into the habit of being a little more diligent. At time I feel lenses make us a little more responsible. Teachers, are they?