Contact Lens Care

Procedure of Inserting Contact Lenses

New users of contact lenses often find it difficult to wear their lens. They often fumble with the routine and take a few days to learn how to insert the contact lenses. At times, they even make their eyes sore because of not knowing how to insert the lens correctly.

If you are a new user, it is important to know the procedure for wearing a contact lens. It is also important to know the precautions that you should take at the time of inserting your lens.

The first precaution that you should take when inserting your contact lens is to make sure that you have lathered your hands clean and dried them thoroughly. This prevents any chances of infection that might take place when you insert the contact lens with your hand.

Now let us take a look at the procedure.

Take out the lens for your left eye from your contact lens case with the finger of your right hand and with the thumb and middle finger of your left hand place the contact lens on the tip of the index finger of your right hand.

Pull down the lower lid of your left eye and very slowly and gently place the contact lens into your left eye on the eyeball. After doing so, blink once and make sure that the lens is in place. The movement of your index finger to your eye should be slow and deliberate.

Once you are through with your left eye, repeat the procedure with your right eye. It might take you a few tried to get it right. That is perfectly okay. Remember that your emphasis should be on getting it right, not on speed.

I am sure that now you should be able to insert the lens properly in your eyes.