Contact Lens Care

Proper Contact Lens Care

It is very essential to know how to take  proper care of your  contact lens. Many people ignore this and do not maintain their lenses properly. This can led to serious eye complications. The eye is the most sensitive of human organs. In case we do not take care of our lenses, we can spoil not only the lenses, but also suffer from serious eye complications.

When the contact lens is on the eyes, it has lipids, proteins and microscopic bacteria deposited on its surface. It is very essential that we clean these deposits so that we can disinfect the lenses periodically. As a conscientious lens user, it should become your duty to clean your contact lenses every night. You should follow the recommendation of the eye specialist in this case.

Always carry a contact lens travel case with you when you travel. You also need some genuine solutions as suggested by the doctor. It is good in case you have more than one travel case. It will be a good idea because in case you lose one, you can fall back upon the other case. So, always keep an extra case with you.

Many users of contact lenses take the cleaning process of the contact lens very lightly. The fact of the matter is that it is a very serious affair. These people commit a big mistake. They wear the contact lenses for longer periods without cleaning them. This is going against the advice of the doctor and the manufacturer

When it comes to cleaning the lenses, it is often done in a very haphazard manner. This is just not the right thing to do as negligence can cause severe eye complications.

In case the lens is not cleaned properly, it will become uncomfortable and scratchy. The extra protein on the lens will ultimately affect the vision of a person. This can lead to the infection on the eye. In
extreme cases, it may even lead to blindness. Now, that should be enough motivation for contact lens users to take care of their lenses properly.