Contact Lens Care

Proper Maintenance of Soft Contact Lenses

It is extremely important that Soft contact lenses have proper maintenance. Care should be exercised in the storage and maintenance of such lenses. If you do so, you will ensure the safety of the lens and eyes. Cleaning the lens regularly will prevent infections which can take place due to a dirty lens.

The cleaning schedule of the lens depends upon the type of lens and the frequency and duration that you wear them.

Soft lenses are replaced on a monthly, weekly and daily also. It all depends on the maintenance schedule of your lens. Soft contact lenses are cleaned and disinfected with the help of two different disinfectants. These are hydrogen peroxide and multipurpose solutions. These solutions keep the soft contact lens clean and infection free.

There are certain other solutions called as  rinsing solutions and the lens can be worn directly after soaking in the rinsing solution. You can also use  saline solutions before you wear the lens. Soft contact lenses are maintained with the help of enzyme cleaners and surfactants also. They cut the dirty layer deposited on the surface of the soft lens. Moreover there are rewetting solutions  which keep your lens wet and lubricated and save you from  dry eye conditions.

There are two types of cleaners that  are normally used  when you keep wearing your soft contact lenses for extended periods of time. But if you replace your lens these cleaners are not needed. The most suitable way to keep your lens maintained is to clean the lens regularly with the regular use of disinfectants.  If your replacement schedule ranges between two weeks to one month, it healthy for your eyes and it does not need vigorous maintenance.

Moreover the best way to keep your soft contact lens safe is to consult a doctor who can give you the right tips for keeping your eyes clean.  The doctor can also advice you of the right time for inserting and removing  the lens with least danger to the lens.