Contact Lens Care

Removing Contact Lenses is Simple

Contact lenses, a visual aid are extremely thin pieces of crafted plastic that are placed on the top surface of the cornea. The main purpose of a contact lens is to correct various visual problems such as hypermetropia or far sightedness and myopia or near sightedness.

Contact lenses are a very good alternative to spectacles and are tremendous popular.  Removal and insertion of contact lenses are very important aspects that as you a contact lens user should have complete knowledge about. If the contact lens is not removed properly then it may be damaged and cause harm to your eyes. Hence, make sure to remove the contact lens properly. Here is some very important information regarding contact lens removal.

Precautions for contact lens removal

Ensure that you wash, rinse & dry your hands thoroughly. Always make sure that the contact lens is on the cornea before trying to remove it. You can ascertain this by covering the other eye. If the vision seems to be blurred, then either the contact lens is on the white part of the eye or it has been displaced. In order to locate the lens, examine the upper region of the eye by looking into a mirror, while pulling the upper lid upwards. Then, examine the lower area of the eye by pulling the lower lid downwards.

There are two different ways by which you can remove a contact lens safely.

First method: - Use a plain soap to wash your hands thoroughly. This is so because a plain soap has fewer chances of producing an allergic reaction in the eye. Make sure to remove any lather from your hands. Always use a lint-free towel to dry off your hands completely. A lint-free towel does not leave any kind of threads on the hands.

For the removal of contact lens in the right eye, position your right forefinger between the eyelids, just above the lashes. Now, position the left hand's forefinger above the lower eyelid. Then jointly push the eyelids in the inward direction. The contact lens should pop out. If the lens moves to the white part of the eye, place it in the center and try again. Once the lens has been removed place the contact lens in its container with an appropriate soaking or conditioning solution. Repeat this entire procedure for the left eye.

Second method: - Make sure to clean your hands properly before removing the contact lens from your eyes. Position the index finger on the outside edge of the right eye, where both the eyelids converge. Widen the eyelids and stretch the skin outwards and a bit upwards, without permitting the eyelid to slide over the contact lens. Blink your eye. This should cause the lens to pop out due to the pressure of the eyelids on the top and bottom of the lens. Put the lens in the container with an appropriate conditioning or soaking solution. Repeat this procedure for the left eye.