Contact Lens Care

Removing Contact Lenses

Removing a pair of contact lenses is a delicate operation  and you need to know  the dos and don’ts involved. Contact lenses are made of soft plastic and can usually be worn for the whole day without a problem.

There are certain guidelines which you need to follow to ensure the safety of your eyes before you remove the lens. Read the directions and the literature on lens care. These are usually provided by the manufacturer. The literature contains information which is useful in maintaining your lenses.

If there is anything you do not understand, never hesitate to ask your doctor or the manufacturer.  After all, you shouldn’t compromise the health and the safety of your eyes under any circumstances.

  and wash your lens properly and keep them clean especially if you wear them for extended periods of time. You can use fragrance free solution to disinfect and clean them.

There are lens which you can wear for maximum of a week. This is the recommended period as approved by the FDA. But there are also certain lenses which the user can wear for a maximum of 30 days and overnight, without any problem. It is always recommended to remove the lens on a daily basis and clean them. This will ensure that your eyes remain free of infection and the lens will last longer.

In spite of all precautions, there is always the probability that your eyes will be infected by the bacteria or virus found on the surface of the  lens. Whenever you have to remove your lens, take out right lens first and then the left. While removing handle the lens gently and let it slide on to a soft cotton or towel. You can fold it with your fingers and grab it to take it out. For removing the contact lenses you can use miniature suctions cups also. Of course,  thicker contact lenses are always easier to handle and remove.