Contact Lens Care

Removing Soft Contact Lenses

Contact lenses come in different types, but people prefer soft contact lenses because they can be easily used in an active lifestyle. This type of lenses is also known as contact lens remove soft. These lenses require constant cleaning and replacement.

These lenses come with some directions which are usually in  the form of a brochure. You can also get the brochure from  eye-care practitioner. The directions tell you how to use and take care of the lenses. Read the directions and in case of doubts contact your eye-practitioner or the pharmacist from whom you have purchased the lenses.

Always clean your hands before handling your lenses with a fragrance free soap. Your lenses should not be dry when you are removing them. In order to hydrate them you should put 2 to 3 drops of your lubricating liquid or the saline solution in both the eyes about 10 minutes before you remove your lenses.

It is advisable that you remove your lenses over a tabletop covered with a soft towel. If you remove your lenses over a sink, you should close the drain first and cover the rest of the area with a wash cloth.  Always remove your right lens first and then the left lens.

Always look up while removing the lens, touch the lens and let it slide down to the corner of your eye. Use your fingertips to grab it out of your eye. If you can't remove you lenses with your fingertips then you can use miniature suction cups which are easily available at most pharmacies.

You should not panic in case the lens is displaced, since it will slide under your eyelid. If this does happen look towards the opposite direction of where the lens is and move it towards the pupil of your eye, using your finger.

Here are certain tips which will prove helpful for you in maintaining your contact lenses:

Go for thicker contact lenses, in case if you are not able to handle disposable lenses as they are thinner in comparison. Always clean and disinfect your lenses by rinsing and air drying every time you remove them. You should replace your lens case every six months.

It is very important to clean and handle your lenses properly to avoid most of the problems related to your contact lenses.

Always remove your lenses while sleeping because wearing them while sleeping may cause corneal ulcers.

Avoid wearing cracked contact lenses.

These steps and tips will not only help you to remove your lenses properly but will also help you in maintaining them.