Contact Lens Care

Keep Your Lenses Clean With Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution

Keeping your contact lenses clean is the most important thing to do if you do not want to invite numerous eye problems. Unclean lenses serve as a breeding ground for countless microorganisms and can be the cause of numerous eye problems. Thankfully enough, you have products like the Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution that will help you keep your contacts clean. Formerly known as Renu Multi Purpose Solution, this product is proven to be one of the best contact lens cleansers around. Use this product and it will rejuvenate your lenses making you feel as if you are wearing a new pair every day.

How does it work?
Renu fresh Multi Purpose Solution works in several ways to keep your lenses clean.

* It cleans your lenses in the best possible manner by removing even the tiniest of dirt particles sticking to the lens.
* It fights germs and various bacteria that keep on clinging on to your lenses. In addition, it also disinfects your lenses keeping numerous eye infections at bay.
* It removes and rinses protein deposits that may be sticking on to your lenses, giving them a new feel.

Use this product daily and you will not feel the need to use a separate enzymatic cleaner.

How to use?

To ensure that you are making the best possible use of Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution, you need to follow the given three steps completely.

1.    Place three drops of this solution on the lens. Now, gently rub it for 20 seconds. This will help remove stubborn dirt particles and bacteria. Repeat with both the sides.
2.    Now rinse each of the sides of the contact lens for 5 seconds. Use the Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution for this purpose.
3.    Fill up your contact lens case with the Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution. Now, soak your lenses in this solution for at least four hours. Here in, make sure that you are using fresh solution every time. Never reuse the solution.

However, your eye care professional may recommend some additional instructions depending upon the condition of your eyes.

Take it along when you travel
Air travel can be quite taxing on your eyes as it can dry out your lenses. Keep the Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution handy while you are travelling. It will gently moisten your lenses, keeping the problem of dry eyes at bay. However, you may have to use a rewetting solution along side.

Your eyes are important. Unclean lenses can cause irreversible damage to your eyes. So, make sure that you use the Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution and keep your lenses clean and disinfected.