Contact Lens Care

Soft Contact Lens Proper Maintenance

Soft contact lens proper maintenance requires many things. But, before going to that, here are a few words about contact lenses. Contact lenses generally come in two varieties- one is the soft contact lens or soflens and other is the hard or rigid gas permeable contact lens. It is the soft contact lens that is used more widely now. Soft contact lenses have twin purposes.

They are used as prescription contact lenses in the form of bifocal contact lenses, toric lenses, cataract lenses, and alike. Another purpose behind using soft contact lens is mere fun. Soft contact lenses are used mostly as cosmetic contact lenses such as crazy contact lens, black contact lens, custom contact lens and alike.

Soft contact lenses are made up of a plastic that allows for more oxygen to pass to the eye. As such, soft contact lenses provide greater comfort and vision acuity to the wearer. Soft contact lenses are also more susceptible to get torn while inserting and removing. That is why, soft contact lens proper maintenance is required. You should clean your contact lenses regularly. You will find different types of cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting solutions to care about your contacts.

While the daily disposable contact lenses do not require all these cleaning solutions, other colored contact lenses should be properly looked after. You can take good care of soft contact lenses with a proper contact lens cleaner. Soft contact lens proper maintenance requires you to use good contact lens cleaner. Contact lens cleaning also requires a perfect cleaning solution to be used in a contact lens case, to disinfect the lens. It is always better for you to follow the directions of your eye care specialist, regarding your soft contact lens proper maintenance.