Contact Lens Care

Tips about putting On Your Contact Lenses

It becomes very difficult to insert the contact lens in your eyes at first. It is not as easy as the instruction suggests. The beginner may find it very difficult to use the contact lens. Of course once you practice you will get it right. The person who has experience in the usage of contact lens for a longer amount of time can insert the contact lens in a proper way in the eye.

The insertion of contact lens in the eye is not at all easy in the first time. The person feels afraid to touch his eyes especially the pupil in the beginning. It becomes very important to consult the optometrist in the beginning. The optometrist generally does not allow the person to touch the pupil. He or she does not want any sort of infection to happen on the eye. The interesting fact about the contact lens is that it covers the pupil. 

When the contact lens covers the pupil, the person can see everything in a clear manner. In case the person fails to see everything in a clear manner, the contact lens has not fitted properly.

 In case of unclear vision, the contact lens is not in the perfect position on the eye. The optometrist generally suggests the person to maintain calm and not to panic.

A few tear drops when you insert the lens for the first time is a very common occurrence and nothing to be afraid of. It will never become a matter of worry when you insert and remove the contact lens later on. It is very important to clean the contact lens before and after its insertion in the eye. It is very important to keep the contact lens case clean.

You can use the fingers of the right hand to deal with the insertion process. Avoid the use of forefingers. Use the fingers of the left hand to open eye lips of left eye.  Use the same procedure for the right eye. After you have put on your lenses, clean the lens cases with solution.