Contact Lens Care

Top 5 Tips For Contact Lens Wearers With Allergies

Contact lens wearers, especially the ones with allergies are susceptible to trouble in certain time of the year. The reasons for this discomfort are the allergens present in the atmosphere that stick to the contact lens and cause trouble. The symptoms cause itchiness, watering and swelling in the eyes. This could be extremely intolerable as eyes are very delicate to tamper with. However, this cannot be ignored as it could cause serious repercussions to deal with. Therefore, by adhering to the following five tips of wearing contact lenses, you can avoid this discomfort to a great extent.

The most important tip is to wear eyeglasses whenever possible. In the pollen season especially, wearing contact lens can be troublesome. The pollen sticks to the thin film of the contact lens making the visibility poor. If you are not careful with this, your cornea may be at risk. So, during the pollen season, you must switch to glasses for clearer vision and they would also act as protective cover for your eyes. If you have a plan of visiting a dusty place, you must again reconsider your decision of wearing contacts.

Another important thing that every contact lens wearer must adhere to is regular maintenance of the contact lens. You need to wash them thoroughly each time after use. Buy a good contact lens solution, the one which is preservative free. In case your lenses are disposable ones, you must replace them in due time.

You need to keep your eyes moist if you wear contact lens regularly and more so if you are susceptible to allergies. There are artificial tears available in the market, these help keep the eyes moist and they wash off the irritants as well. Extremely dry conditions irritate the eyes because the lens starts to harden. More dust would aggravate the situation.

In the time of an allergic attack or even if your eyes feel heavy and swollen, do not rub them. If you do so, the redness will increase and inflammation too. You must use a cool compress to relax them; it will also alleviate the pain and discomfort. As a precaution to this condition, you must splash cool water in your eyes when you reach indoors or when your eyes feel tired. It is obvious that you will have to discontinue using the contact lens during the time of an allergic attack.

If you are susceptible to allergy, you must seek a doctor's advice. He will give you various anti-allergic eye drops and the like. Eyes are very sensitive and delicate so any carelessness can cause serious issues.