Contact Lens Care

What Contact Lens Users Can Do To Minimize Eye Infection?

More often than not, the use of contact lenses is accompanied by numerous eye infections. But, you can minimize the chances of eye infections, provided you use your lenses the right way. Here are some tips that can be of great help.

Beware of water  
Removing contact lenses before immersing in water is perhaps the most important thing that you need to do if you wish to minimize the risk of eye infections. Whether you are going for a swim or simply headed for a shower, make sure that you take off your lenses first.

Clean hands only!
Never ever touch your contact lenses with dirty hands. Touching lenses with dirty hands could mean transferring the bacteria and microorganisms to the lens. When these microorganisms come in contact with the eye, they could result in to numerous eye infections. Hence, it is suggested that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them well before touching your contact lenses.

Clean contact lenses
Keep your contact lenses clean at all times. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when cleaning your lenses.

Disinfect contact lenses
You should keep your contact lenses disinfected. Use a disinfectant for this purpose. Quite contrary to the popular belief, saline or rewetting drops do not help in disinfecting lenses.

Don't reuse
Whether it is your contact lens cleaning solution or a disinfectant, make sure that you are never reusing any product. Always use fresh products for your lenses.

Fresh contact lens solution
Every time you keep your lenses in the case, make sure that you use fresh solution only. Throw away used solution.

Keep inside cases
Keeping your contact lenses anywhere except the case, could result in damaging of the lens. Also, it could mean exposing your lens to numerous microorganisms.

Take care of the case too
You should not just take care of your contact lenses but the case too. After all, it is the case where you store your lenses. Clean the case with contact lens solution and not tap water. Once you have cleaned it, leave the case open, to dry out, to prevent the growth of water loving microorganisms.

Replace contacts regularly
If you are using disposable lenses, there is only a scheduled time frame for which you can use lenses. Make sure that you change your lenses after the scheduled time is over.

Regular eye exams - a must
While you adhere to the above mentioned precautions, you may still end up being victimized by eye infections due to other factors. Thus, it becomes important to have regular eye exams done to detect eye infections at an early stage.

Stick to these simple tips and your contact lenses will never be a cause of eye infection.