Contact Lens Basics

A brief look at Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lens is the best lens for correcting astigmatism. Doctors prescribe the toric contact lens as a solution for correcting the vision of patients who have  astigmatism. This lens helps in the vision correction of a person. Toric and soft contact lenses are made of the same material. Toric lenses can be either Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) or soft.

 There are many varieties of toric contact lenses as far as vision correction is concerned. The people with astigmatism get tremendous comfort when they wear a pair of  toric contact lenses. Their vision is returned to almost normal or perfect vision by using toric  contact lenses.

The regular variety or spherical contact lenses has only one prescription or power. On the other hand, toric contact lenses have two powers.  This is made possible by curves at two different angles.  One curve or angle is for astigmatism. The other angle is for myopia or hypermetropia.

One important advantage of toric lens is that it shows tremendous stability on your eye once it is fixed on the eye lid. In case the eye blinks with the toric lens, it will not move around the toric lens. That seems to be a very important advantage of the toric lens.

 The toric lens is also not affected when the user moves the eye balls. This is good for people who have astigmatism. This also results in the crisp vision. One important type of toric lens is the RGP lens. This lens is stiffer than the soft lens. This lens retains its shape on the cornea in a much better way. RGP lens gives a crisp vision.

Some people fail to notice any major difference between RGP and soft lens. It is essential that the toric contact lens fits the user’s eyes exactly.  It is always advisable to get a prescription for a toric contact lens from an expert optometrist or ophthalmologist. It will be beneficial as you will get a pair of toric lenses which will fit you well.