Contact Lens Basics

Advantages Of Disposable Contact Lenses

Many people need corrective lenses, but can’t stand wearing glasses each and every day. Glasses can get in the way, fall off at odd times, and tend to mist up in the heat. You also have the problem of your glasses getting wet when it is raining, or breaking if you fall down. All of these things make glasses a bad choice for many people. Disposable contact lenses have become the lens of choice for many people who do not want to wear glasses. They are convenient, and if you have the right fit, you barely realize you are wearing them. They are easy to care for, and in some cases, cheaper than buying a pair of quality eyeglasses. There are times when contacts are not an option, but if they are, they may make your life easier.

There are different types of disposable contact lenses from which you can choose. There are some that you must throw away every two weeks, or once a month. Other types are daily lenses, and you put in a brand new pair each day when you wake up. If you aren’t sure which you would prefer, talk with your eye doctor to decide which option is best for you.

Disposable contact lenses have a distinct advantage over the earlier types of contacts. The old kind needed to be cleaned with an enzyme cleaner, and this could be costly and time consuming. The disposable contact lenses of today simply need to soak in a multi-purpose solution overnight. There is no extra cleaning required. There are solutions that are ‘no rub’ so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your disposable contact lenses at all. You can also buy disposable contact lenses that change your eye color. If you are bored with your current eye color, or just want to try something new, this might be a fun option for you. These come in prescription as well as non-prescription strength. Even if you don’t need vision correction, you can find contacts to change your eye color.

No matter what your reasons are for choosing deposable contact lenses, remember that your eyes are a sensitive area of your body. Wear your lenses only for the time suggested by your doctor because your eyes still need to breath. Make sure you care for your lenses as advised by your doctor, and take all precautions to ensure you keep your eyes healthy for a long time to come.