Contact Lens Basics

An Introduction To Theatrical Contact Lenses

There are varied special effects contact lenses including theatrical contact lenses which are being use increasingly. These fun and affordable lenses can be either cosmetic contact lenses or theatrical contact lenses or custom contact lenses. These lenses offer an unusual look as well as amazing comfort and quality. Special effects contact lenses let you change your eye color easily, great for Halloween and are great for theatrical uses. Especially designed theatrical contact lenses are also used for special effects in movies. Movies where SFX contact lenses are used are Wolf, X-Men series, Lord Of The Rings series and countless horror and sci-fiction movies.

The special effect theatrical cosmetic contact lense can be used by people who normally wear eyeglasses or contacts, and also by those who don't require any prescriptive correction. For example, for Halloween, you can use these contact lenses to enhance your costume choice like cat eye designs to go with cat costumes. They can be prescription contact lenses as well as otherwise.

One type of theatrical contact lenses are Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque for people with light or dark eyes from the house of Johnson & Johnson. There are various brands of theatrical contact lenses such as Color Max, Crazy Eyes, Custom Lenses, Gothika Eyes, Private Eyes, Sclera Eyes, SFX Eyes, Vampyre Eyes and Water Colors. Varied designs of special effect contact lenses for Halloween are Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes. Both brands offer high quality, affordable Halloween contact lenses that create great effects and which are the right contact lens colors for your Halloween night.

The theatrical contact lenses are also medical devices. These contact lenses can also cause eye infections if not fitted correctly or cared for properly. As such, proper care should be taken of these lenses. That means, you must see an eye care professional to have them fitted and prescribed, even if your eyes don't need vision correction. For effective contact lens cleaning, you should use a contact lens cleaner. To avoid any contact lens problems, always store them in a good contact lens case.

You also need to disinfect the lenses and must never share or swap your costume contacts with anybody which can cause serious contact lens problems. An eye infection caused by improper use can lead to blindness. Wearing contact lenses that don't fit your eyes properly is dangerous and can cause serious vision problems, abrasions, and infections.