Contact Lens Basics

Astigmatism Contact Lens Toric

For all those people who are suffering from astigmatism, there is a good news in the form of astigmatism contact lens toric. The misconception that you can not wear soft contact lenses or soflens if you have astigmatism is very much wrong. Toric lenses are a great way to treat astigmatism.

Also, you can find toric lenses as daily disposable contact lenses or even colored contact lenses. Astigmatism contact lens toric thus is a great way to correct astigmatism and you can make it a style statement of your own.

Astigmatism contact lens toric can be either soft contact lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses. Toric lenses are made of the same material used in the making of regular contact lenses. Toric lenses are designed as a way to remain stable in the eye. Another good thing about these lenses is that toric lenses can not rotate in the eye, providing clear vision. Thus, soft lenses can be used to cure astigmatism with very positive result.

There are many options for you in the form of toric lenses. One is the Focus dailies toric. With this special lens, you do not have to worry about contact lens cleaning and a good contact lens cleaner as this lens is a daily disposable contact lens. This lens's exceptional ultra-thin design makes it very comfortable to wear.

Another option for you is the Frequency 55 toric XR. It is a monthly wear disposable contact lens. This lens is manufactured by Cooper Vision. With 55 % water, this lens is very comfortable to wear as well.