Contact Lens Basics

Ballistic Protective Eyewear

Army requires a new kind of eyewear to escape any injuries to eyes as old eye glasses become obsolete in the face of new age warfare. That it may look at first that colored contact lenses are a better option. But, with all those contact lens problems, it is definitely not a viable option. Also, you have to take good care of the contact lens colors with contact lens cleaning.

A good contact lens cleaner and a good contact lens case have to be used. That is why, eye glasses are used in the Army for combat purposes. Earlier, the old sun, wind, and dust goggles (SWDG) and the special protective eyewear, cylindrical system (SPECS) were used in the army. Now with the ballistic protective eyewear, army has found something which is very convenient in the battlefield and choices have become unlimited.

The US Army has given the go ahead to these new eyewear. Also, the army can easily use these eyewear as you purchase it off the self. There are a number of ballistic protective eyewear makers like the WileyX, Revision Sawfly and alike. Apart from the brain, for a soldier, it is his eyes that are his best weapon on the battlefield. Also, the eye injuries in the battlefield are common. Having a proper ballistic protective eyewear means that the risk of eye injuries can be minimized up to 90 %.

One such company making ballistic eyewear is Revision Eyewear Ltd. which makes the Sawfly range of glasses. These eyewear are known for their high level of impact resistance, durability, compatibility, functionality and comfort. All these make it the number one choice of the US army. Definitely, the ballistic protective eyewear is far better than colored contact lense. If you use cosmetic contact lenses or daily disposable contact lenses, you have to go through soft contact lens complications. Hence, Army uses the ballistic protective eyewear instead.