Contact Lens Basics

Basics On Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Contact lenses have come a long way from the tunnel of various innovations that have served two purposes well: one is vision correction and the other is cosmetic needs. As a result, definition of modern day contact lenses has changed tremendously.

Now a days lenses are made specifically to serve your needs. For instance, you will find an entirely different set of lenses for watery eyes from the one that is meant for dry eyes.

It is a general notion that people having dry eyes cannot wear contact lenses. But thats not true today.
Modern day contact lenses are very comfortable even for the ones who suffer from the problem of extreme dry eyes. They can not only use lenses but can also wear them for even an extended time period.

Contact lenses for dry eyes serve special purpose and are made from a special compound that keeps a check on the dryness of your eyes. This is done by keeping a tab on the excessive water evaporation from your eyes. These lenses are made up from silicone hydrogel. This compound is very soothing for dry eyes. Silicone hydrogel lenses contain lesser water but despite this, they have enough of moisture to provide to eyes. Wearing them for an extended time period does not let you feel uncomfortable.

Apart from silicone hydrogel, there are various other new polymers that have come up to solve your problem. One such polymer is Omafilcon A. This polymer is used by some of the good manufacturing brands. Besides this, there has come up a new range of bio compatible contact lenses. These lenses are designed in such a way that they comfortably adjust to the nature of your eyes. The leading manufacturer of such lenses is Proclear Compatibilities.

But there are certain cautions and precautions while using such contact lenses. The first that follows is you should take recommendations from a good eye specialist that will guide you. Get your eyes tested. See the suitability of your eyes towards these lenses. Once result of these things are positive, you can buy yourself a good pair of lenses. Make sure that the lenses you are depending upon are from a good brand of manufacturer. Always choose the lenses that contain comparatively lesser water content.