Contact Lens Basics

Biomedic Contact Lens Toric

Soft contact lens or soflens has brought a kind of revolution in the field of colored contact lenses. Earlier, hard plastic was used as contact lens. But, such lenses were not free of complications. The invention of soft contact lens has erased all the contact lens problems. Soft contact lenses are also used as prescription contact lenses to correct vision problems such as astigmatism. These lenses are also used as toric lenses, bifocal contact lenses or cataract lenses. You will also find colored contact lense for fashion purposes.

One such lens is the Biomedic contact lens toric. Biomedic toric lenses are developed by Ocular sciences meant for the treatment of astigmatism. These lenses are 1-2 week disposable soft contacts for astigmatism. These sterile soft contact lenses come in a pack of 6 pieces.

These lenses which contain 55 % of water use the material Ocufilcon D. Biomedic Contact Lens Toric lens often comes under different brand names. Aquatech, Optiflex, Sofmed, Softique, Ultraflex, and Versaflex are some of the brands of Biomedic Contact Lens Toric.

These Biomedic lenses are known for their very high price. These lenses are reliable and safe to wear. Using Biomedic Contact Lens Toric lens can be a good experience in itself. But, first you have to consult with an eye care professional about using contact lenses as you may suffer from soft contact lens complications as well. Also, the lenses should be fitted by a professional. You will have to take good care of the lenses with a good contact lens cleaner.