Contact Lens Basics

Changing Opinions on RGP Contact Lenses

RGP contact lenses are also called rigid gas permeable contact lenses. These lenses have made waves since the past few decades. They are, in fact, in great demand. The positive point about these lenses is that they give comfort to the wearer while improving his vision.

Many people have a negative concept in mind about RGP lenses. The good news is that these lenses have improved greatly because of the recent research and development. These lenses are on the comeback in a new version. RGP lenses provide you few bonuses which the other soft contact lenses do not. These lenses provide you a complete guarantee of the eye health. The major advantage of these lenses is that the eyes are able to get ample amount of oxygen  which is not the case with the other soft lenses. These lenses have many other positive benefits too.
RGP lenses are durable and resistant to protein build up which facilitates a clear vision. The other soft contact lenses lack such an advantage. Further, you can handle these lenses in an easy way. Also, since these lenses are not fragile, they last longer. They are also less costly and can last life long if you take proper care of them.

Apart from the various advantages that they offer, the greatest negative factor about the RGP lenses is that it takes the eye a pretty long time to adapt to these lenses. The eyes become accustomed to these lenses only after some time while the soft lenses just take a few days to adjust. You also need to wear RGP lenses regularly to prevent readjustment.