Contact Lens Basics

Colured Contact Lenses

People wanting to shift from the traditional eye glasses to the contact lenses find contact lenses more convenient. Since the variety of contact lenses is quite large, selection also becomes not that easy. Among various varieties available in the market, the colored contact lenses come in tinted contacts. These are available in four types-visibility tints, colored tints, enhancement tints and costume or theatrical lenses.

Visibility tints are light blue or green color added to the lens to enable the user to see well during lens insertion, removal or if the lens gets dropped. These are very light colored contact lenses which do not affect the eye color.

Colored tints are deeper, opaque colors, which can alter the eye color. These colored contact lens tints are made of solid colored patterns. They are available in various colors such as green, blue, hazel, and violet and gray.

Enhancement tints are solid but translucent color, darker than the visibility tints. These contacts are meant to enhance the existing eye color and are often used by light-eyed persons who wish to make their eye color more intense.

Costume or theatrical lenses are opaque colored contact lens tints. These are often used by the people in show business like in movies, television or theatre for creating special effects.

A more recent development is that of light-filtering tints. This colored contact lens variety has been designed essentially for sports usage. These lenses are used to enhance certain colors like optic yellow, which is the color of golf balls, tennis balls and some soft balls. These contact lenses make the ball stand out starkly against the background so that it is easy to target and attack. The spectators can also wear these lenses to easily sight the ball.

The color of colored contact lenses shines through giving an impression that the user’s eyes are the same color as that of the contacts. The colored-eye look is quite trendy these days. Thus, one may wear these lenses to make a fashion statement or to enhance their existing eye color. They may even be used for theatrical purposes.

These lenses are a great way to look different and stand out while at the same time correcting the vision of the user.

However, one needs to be careful while wearing these colored lenses as in certain instances like at the time of blinking, the colored part may slide over the pupil. Also, the pupil changes size to accommodate altering light conditions. At night the pupil may be larger than the clear center of the lens. In such cases, these lenses may affect vision of the wearer.

While choosing the colour of the contact lenses, one must be careful to select the colour according to one’s natural eye color, color of the hair and the skin tone.

It is better to buy colored contacts with a valid prescription from an ophthalmologist or optometrist. A proper cleaning and disinfecting routine is vital to improve the longevity of these lenses. Colored contact lenses are a gift from the new technology in cosmetic science that enhance the look of the wearer and sharpen the vision.